The Frequency Finders Arcom Digital

Digital Flyovers by The Frequency Finders - A joint venture with Arcom Digital

Our partner, Arcom Digital, helps you detect impairments during flyovers. Utilizing a pair of QAM Pilots generated by the Arcom Pilot Generator and paired with the QS Navigator+ to measure leakage over your system, compliance measurements are taken without impact to your system or customers.

Utilizing both field strength and doppler slope, leaks emitting from your plant are correlated with precise GPS coordinates. Results are typically available within 24 hours of flyover completion, allowing technicians a real time picture of plant health as well as a detailed report noting locations of potential system impairments.

This process is currently in the testing phase, with service launch anticipated in the fall of 2019.


Travis Stebelton
The Frequency Finders

Chris Graham
Arcom Digital